2008 Playoff Pool Rules
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The Goal

To accumulate the most points through the four rounds of the playoffs by selecting the strong pool team possible from the sheet provided.  Of course, it isn't quite that simple.

The Sheet

The sheet will consist of 24 boxes where you will select one player from each box.  There will be fourteen (14) forward boxes, eight (8) defensemen boxes and two (2) goaltender boxes.  The sheet will be finalized with all 15 teams having players on it.  Once the sheet has been finalized, there will be no changes made to it. As a participant, you will be responsible for knowing which teams are in the playoffs and who is injured.

The sheet will be made available online and in paper form.  Please be sure to write in your name, e-mail address and phone number on the sheet (there will be spots on the online version for you), to make sure I can contact you if and when you win money.

Your e-mail address will also be helpful if you incorrectly fill out the sheet.  Please read the Catch carefully.  If you do not fill the sheet out properly, you will be asked to correct your mistake(s).  

The Catch

You may only select a maximum of three players from any one team.  This rule is exceptionally strict, as it's the only real guideline this pool has.  It gives it it's own flair and difficulty level.  This way, everyone has the opportunity of having players in the Cup Finals.  By the Finals, if you have chosen wisely, you will have a maximum of six players left on your team to earn you points.  Three from the West and three from the East.  

The Fee

Buying into this pool will only cost a person $10.  With the number of participants this pool has had in the past, it still makes for a very good prize pot.  The 2007 pool held 63 participants, where the first prize was $500.  The fee must be paid before your team is posted on the website and you are then qualified to participate in the playoff pool.

The Dates (Start and Deadline)

The Playoff Pool goes live on Saturday, March 22nd.  The playoffs start on Wednesday, April 9th, so the deadline for your submissions will be 5pm MT on April 9th, just before the first puck drops in the East.  Any time between March 22nd and April 9th, money and sheets will be excepted.

The Scoring

All Players


Goal – 1 point

Win – 2 points

Assist – 1 point

Shutout – 2 points

Game Winning Goal – 1 point


Game Winning Goals are actual statistics given to the deciding goal scorer of the game.  If the New York Rangers were to beat the Ottawa Senators 2-0 with Brendan Shanahan scoring the first and Jaromir Jagr the second, Shanahan’s goal would count as the winner, as it is the deciding goal of the game.

Goalies will have their goals and assists count towards their point totals and in the highly unlikely event that a player has to dress as a goalie and wins, those points will count towards his point totals.

The tie-breaking system will be done as follows:

1.  Points earned
2.  Goals For
3.  Game Winning Goals For
4.  Wins

In the highly-unlikely event of another tie, another tie-breaking question will be on the Selection Sheet, as it will pertain to guessing the total number of games played in the 2008 Playoffs.


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